We are one of the leading traders and manufacturers of safety matches in India.

We are supplying high quality safety matches in large volumes with affordable prices to our customers through out India.

We are based at Sivakasi, the hub of match industries in India. We have more than 35 years of experience in safety matches trade and manufacture. We supply Cardboard matches and Wooden matches. We have the capability to deliver large volumes, within stipulated time schedules

We are the sole Trade Mark owner of the Brand GOPURAM Mark in matches class 34 of Trade Mark Registry. Also I have Received Registration from the Trade Mark of Registry at Mumbai.

The name "SIMCOS" was created by me. I have got Registration at that name also.
Regarding "GOPURAM" I have Registration at the Trade "FIRE WORKS" in CLASS 13 of Trade Mark of Registry.
Further other Brands are created by me by my brain work for to suitable at markets. At that Brands I have got Registration from Trade Mark of Registry. So my Lables are purely and genuine Lables. No any duplicate Lables of others. This is our history of company.



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